The Samaná Peninsula boasts magnificent beaches with silky sand gently lapped by turquoise water. These are some of the most secluded and quiet beaches among Dominican Republic’s 1,000 miles (1,600 kilometers) of coastline.



PLAYA PORTILLO: East of Las Terrenas is Portillo, an unspoiled sandy beach popular for walking along the calm, shallow waters in the golden sand.


PLAYA BONITA: This beautiful beach is a spectacle of nature with calm, clear water and coconut trees dipping into the sea and grass bordering the unspoiled beach. Playa Bonita is located in Las Terrenas and is decorated with numerous boutique hotels, private villas and famous restaurants, ideal for those looking for natural beauty, peace and quiet.



PLAYA COSÓN: An ideal beach for walking and nature observations, Cosón is located west of Las Terrenas and consists of calm waters with a range of colors, river mouths, and strong winds for kitesurfers and waves for surfing. The surrounding area is also developed with gated communities, private villas and hotel complexes.

PLAYA LAS BALLENAS: Located in Las Terrenas, just a short distance away from the center of town, lays this long beach of whitepowder sand and well-established water sports facilities. The Marico rivermouth delights the little ones who often play in the cool waters. PLAYA EL LIMÓN: Located in El Limón, east of Las Terrenas and Portillo, this spectacular golden-sand, 3-mile (4.8 kilometers) beach has a beautiful view of Cayo El Limón (‘Cayo El Coquito’ or small coconut as the locals call it). Visitors can delight in areas with calm crystalline, shoulder deep pools or marvel in the power of the sea in other sections.

PLAYA MORÓN: Morón’s charm is seen in its lush green surroundings, golden sand and sea that constantly changes colors. Visitors of this deserted beach may also find ancient canons from the days of the pirates.

 PLAYA RINCÓN: Considered the second best beach in the world by Condé Nast Traveler, Rincón is best known for its calm, crystalline waters just waiting to delight visitors. Located in the mouth of a small bay, this beautiful and quiet white-sand beach is surrounded by coconut and almond trees. One side of the beach remains relatively undeveloped and sheltered, while along the other, cliffs segue into the waters of the ice-cold Caño Frío river.


PLAYA EL VALLE: Defined by its name, El Valle, meaning “the valley”, is located between two mountains and is north of the Bay of Samaná. Surfers will delight at El Valle due to the beach’s ideal surfing waves.

PLAYA LAS GALERAS: Often referred to as “The Fisherman’s Beach,” Las Galeras is a quiet beach in the most northeastern point of the country. The highlight of this beautiful beach is the recreational diving aquarium. Visitors can purchase fresh fish, sip fresh coconut water and even join a boat tour to other beaches for whale watching.

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